Monday, September 21, 2009

New things all the time...

This past Friday at the park was great and frustrating at the same time! God gave us another beautiful sunny day which was great! Only two members of our team were able to be at the park this past Friday so that was tough. Schedules just worked out that way but there is always strength in numbers! We're looking forward to November when we'll all be living in Tacoma and although schedules will continue to be crazy, they will be more manageable!

God brought a ton of guys to the park this week which was also great since me and Tommy were there however, we only had one of our consistent Bible study attenders and he had to leave early... not sure where everyone was! Tommy was able to sit with a man named Axel along with a couple of others for several hours just talking about Jesus and explaining the gospel and the truth and salvation found exclusively in Jesus Christ.

Our "regular" Bible study didn't happen on Friday which was discouraging to me but I am confident God had other plans. I played basketball with some guys for most of the night and honestly nothing spiritual was happening. At the end of the night we were all sitting around talking and finally God just prompted me to ask them what they think about Jesus. There was that awkward silence that comes in a group of lost people when Jesus is brought up but after I prodded them a little they spoke up.

I found out two of the guys were Muslim (although not seemingly very devout) and a couple of them agreed that Jesus died on the cross for them but did not believe Jesus was God??? All of them were in the midst of packing up their stuff to head home but a few said they would be interested in learning more about why we believe what we believe about Jesus being God. They "promised" they would come back next week for Bible study so please pray specifically that they will show up so we will have more of an opportunity to share truth with them.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will move and grow the Kingdom by growing The Pathway!

Also... praise the Lord we have an indoor meeting location a block from the park beginning October 2nd!

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