Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving Forward...

We are continuing to move forward... walking in the grace of Jesus, trying to stay the course and at the same time flex where God calls us to do so.

Our Monday gathering has begun to take shape without structure if that makes sense. Antwon started it and has really take ownership of it. It is a direct out flow as what he passionately describes "my mission." We generally meet at Wright Park and play a little ball before having Bible study. This past Monday Antwon was running late so we decided to crack open God's Word at the park... in the snow! It was really cold but it's amazing what God can do in the most awkward of situations. We had 2 new guys there... a new Nate and a guy named Jerry. We just looked at the first part of Ephesians 2 and talked about the beauty of grace. Jerry gave his life to Jesus! Please pray that he continues to come on Mondays and grows in his new found relationship with Jesus!

Friday has been... unique! 2 Fridays ago we had about 10 people total and only 1 girl. This past week we had at least 9 girls and 9 guys and the Holy Spirit seemed to bash most of the usual distractions. It is very hard to know what direction to go with this group but we are continuing to pray for spiritual depth to precede numerical growth. We'll see what God does.

Sunday nights have not been what I expected but better. Last night we all sat around and hung out, just talking about life in general for about an hour. It is turning into genuine community which is what we have been praying for. However, please keep praying that we don't get too comfortable. We want to grow, reach out, and multiply.

This week please pray for our leadership team. We are really harnessing our callings and shaping our vision. God has been stretching us all and we have all been sharing the gospel a lot more which is amazing. Pray that people will respond. Also pray for our Good Friday gathering April 2nd. We're combining all our groups and using it as an opportunity to worship together, baptize, invite new friends and family... really just a time for more people to know Jesus. Pray that God has his way and that it is a spring board for new groups!

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