Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Have you ever been more than tired? Have you ever just been exhausted, drained, spent. I think Kelli and I are in a phase like that. Jagen and Rylan are growing like crazy. They're walking, talking a little, and becoming more and more active. Along with that growth comes more ability to throw temper tantrums and fight with each other... you gotta love brothers and sisters!

The Pathway is in an exciting adventure right now. We're not seeing extreme growth at this point but we're really seeing some awesome and effective leadership development. Along with that we're witnessing the people of our church taking ownership of the church's mission. They're hungry to gain boldness through the Spirit for sharing the gospel. Spiritually hungry people require a lot of time and energy. I think about my kids again. They're so young in life. They are learning to do things on their own but they still need constant help, continual encouragement and a watchful eye to keep them on track. Planting a church that reaches the lost and unchurched is a very similar growth process. Our people are growing, they're hungry, but they need constant help, continual encouragement and a watchful eye to keep them on track. Praise Jesus Kelli and I don't have to do this alone. We're so thankful for the Leadership Team God has put in place around us. But it's exhausting. It's draining.

This is probably a little bit of a selfish post but please pray for our family. We genuinely love where we are and love what we're doing. So many people encourage pastors to disengage with the world and just focus on themselves, their families and their "ministerial duties." That's just not who we are. We believe our lives are meant to be lived with people, in biblical community, for God's glory. Sometimes that is extremely hard and sometimes it's very easy. But to live missionally, to truly "be the church" is exhausting. It's worth it. But it's exhausting. Pray for strength as things will probably not slow down until after the summer. Thanks for following our journey.

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