Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Glorious Day

Easter Sunday was a glorious day in Tacoma! It was hectic, had it's share of glitches, but I can honestly say when all was said an done God was glorified, our risen Savior Jesus was exalted and our church worshiped!

Our Community Groups really stepped up to the challenge of inviting their families and friends to our Easter service and dinner. We had more than double the amount of people that we typically have at our services. The heat in the new building was not working so we had to bring in space heaters on a cold and rainy day. The hot-water went out so the 5 we baptized and the 4 who did the baptizing had to grit and bear the icy cold baptismal waters, remembering that it pales in comparison to what our Savior went through for us.

The Easter message from an overwhelmed pastor was far less than glorious but by the grace of Jesus and the empowering of the Holy Spirit was filled with truth and authority. Families, parents, children and neighbors heard the glorious truth that our God lives. We had fellowship over a delicious dinner prepared by "Chef" Jamaal and orchestrated by my beautiful bride. We had double digit kids in "Kids Ave" who were able to learn about the resurrection (many I assume for the first time).

We worshiped, we sang, we baptized, we shared the truth of the resurrection power of Jesus, we stuffed ourselves with thanksgiving and then we departed. The prayer at the end of the day, the prayer the day after and the prayer into the future remains the same. God, please bring life change in Tacoma. Please join us in praying that the people who attended our worship service would experience the life change that only Jesus can bring and decide to become a part of our church!

We also included the testimonies that were played at our service of those whose lives have been changed by the gospel and were baptized yesterday!

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