Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year!

I'm feeling as many of you are that I can't believe we are already in 2012. We are about to enter into our 5th full year in the state of Washington, we just began our third year in Tacoma, our kids will turn 3 this year and Kelli and I will celebrate our 6th year of marriage in 2012! Where does the time go?

We were blessed to ring in the new year with some of our close friends. We celebrated the mountain time new year for Kelli (those of you who know her understand she can't stay up until midnight) and then the rest of us rang in the new year pacific time with Jack Bauer and season 1 of "24." It was wonderful.

Then on New Year's Day we had so much fun indulging in pancakes and waffles with our church family. Rich and Susan Llufrio-- King and Queen of throwing a good party-- had the idea of a pancake breakfast and they came full force ready to cook and serve with several others who pitched in to pull off the event. We had a great turn out of our normal crew and some new faces and families to The Pathway. It was an excellent start to 2012 but there is much, much more work to be done.

God has given me such a great peace over the last couple of days that our work is not in vain because it is a work orchestrated by him, for him and through him. What a glorious confidence that brings. Please pray for us as we enter into our Gather to Scatter strategy this coming week that will culminate around Easter with Scatter Sunday where we will commission 5 new Intentional Communities to infiltrate our city with the gospel of Jesus.

Can't wait to see what God does in 2012. As always I'm certain it will be far more than we have asked or imagined.

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