Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Change

I just want to report to all of you who pray for The Pathway and for Tacoma on a regular basis... God is bringing about life change. It's absolutely amazing.

Over the last 2 weeks we have seen two different parents... both new to walking with Jesus... overcome their fear, place their faith in God and teach the Bible to our children in Kids Ave! Seems small... so huge!

Most of you know that our greatest struggle right now, and hindrance to growth, is our lack of leaders. We lack leaders because the majority of The Pathway is new believers and not yet believers. Well, God is moving there too. An awesome couple is planning their move to Tacoma for this August! A church just outside Tacoma in Puyallup, WA has agreed to work towards sending us several families to help make disciples in our church for a 1-2 year commitment. We have a new couple who have committed to leading a new youth Intentional Community. We have an interim worship leader. We have a church planting intern that will be coming to serve with us for 6 months... and on and on. Lives are changing & people are growing.

Another example of life change by the grace of God through Jesus came to fruition just a couple weeks ago. A young single mom in our church had privately come to the point where she wanted to commit her life to Jesus and be baptized. Then I preached to sermons where I emphasized that a lack of obedience to Jesus and Scripture is evidence of lostness. She began to question herself and finally asked if she could sit down and talk with me and Kelli. The conversation that followed was life changing. She literally got to talk through her salvation until she was able to confidently proclaim her faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior... amazing!

Last but not least, God is changing my life. Every time I see God change a life, my life is also changed. I am humbled by what God is doing here in Tacoma and with every passing day my faith increases and I believe more and more strongly that God is preparing us for a great harvest in Tacoma... he is obviously raising up laborers at this point.

Life change is what it's all about. Life change brings so much glory to God. Please continue to pray for life change in Tacoma.

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