Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on The Spot & a tribute to The Pathway Moms

Thank you all for your prayers and generous offers to help The Pathway in so many ways as we have been temporarily displaced.  I want you to know that in regard to my last post, that I'm curious as to why God allowed this to happen, I still don't have a ton of answers save one.  I know that he has demonstrated very tangibly that our church really understands and believes our motto... Church. Different.  We have attempted to lay a foundation that they church is not a place we go, it's who we are.  That was put to the test this week and it didn't seem to phase anyone too much... myself included (and that's a shock to all who know me well).

By God's grace we just took the displacement in stride, tried hard to accommodate those who use the Spot that are also displaced, and we had a blast with an outdoor worship gathering on Sunday.  We decide to have a pretty normal gathering outside and we also through a big party in honor of all our mothers!  We had a huge inflatable slide and bounce house, cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and really just had a ton of fun.  God gave us amazing weather too.  Isn't he so good?  It was sunny, probably in the low 80's with a nice cool breeze.  More than we could have imagined!

As for the spot going forward.  We received great news on Friday.  The building inspector from the city came by to let us know how bleak the situation was.  To my surprise, he said things weren't nearly as bad as he had pictured from the email he received from the Fire Inspector.  He said if the electricians and contractors complete the work they have said will be completed by Tuesday, we should be back in the Spot by Wednesday at the latest.  All praise to Jesus.  He is so very good!

One of the best parts about this Sunday was a chance to honor our mothers.  We purchased 20 $5 Starbucks gift cards and were able to bless 18 moms!  How amazing is that?  We had 18 mom's present!  We also gave one to a deserving single dad who fills both roles in a heroic way.  Stacie Hooks also put together a tribute to The Pathway moms on video.  I've attached it here so all of you can get a glimpse of the moms and families who are a part of The Pathway.  It often helps to have faces to go with your prayers.  We love and appreciate all who follow this blog and pray for The Pathway.  Please keep praying!

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  1. LOVE His faithfulness and the video is beautiful! :)