Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the midst of it...

We are in the midst of all that we have been praying for and asking for your prayers on over the last several weeks.  March into April launched with our Community Dinners this past Friday and it was an unbelievable success.  The first dinner was packed out and there were so many solid conversations and a ton of interest in the church, Jesus and future events.  The second dinner was significantly smaller but there were still so many great connections.  Please pray as we follow up with these contacts that they would attend the rest of our March into April events and that gospel conversations and life change would follow.

Sunday was our first worship gathering at Franklin Elementary and somewhat of a trial run for our Easter launch in this new location.  I can't believe how well things went!  To have more space was enough of a blessing by itself.  But add on top of it that so many people showed up to help set-up and serve was a testament to how our church is taking ownership of itself.  There were no major technical difficulties, the band was awesome and our kids ministry had double what it has been having.  We had tons of new faces both from the community dinners and personal invites.  It was an awesome day and a great start to this new phase in the life of The Pathway.

Somewhere in the midst of the crazy full weekend we had a team of college students arrive from First Baptist Concord just outside Knoxville, TN.  They came ready to busy their tails and serve like crazy.  They basically have two missions while they are here.  First and foremost they have spent a ton of time on the campus of the University of Puget Sound and it has already sparked open doors that we've never had before.  One of the students, our former intern Sarah Joseph, had a freshman approach her because he wanted to share his faith with her.  He was blown away that she was there for the same reason and he was so thankful to know that we as a church have been praying for him and his campus.  The team's other mission is to saturate the area around Franklin with the gospel.  They are going door to door, passing out invites to our Community Fun night, telling people why they are in Tacoma and looking for every opportunity to share the gospel.

How can you pray while we're in the midst of March into April?
1) Tonight we are sponsoring a concert at a local hot spot for college students.  Pray for a great turn out and for lots of gospel conversations.

2) Tomorrow is Community Fun Night #1 at Franklin.  We were able to send home flyers with every student at both Franklin and Delong Elementary inviting them to the fun night and to our Easter gathering.  Pray that both are well received.

3) Pray for Community Fun Night #2 at The Spot on Saturday night.  Pray for great fun and tons of gospel opportunities.

4) Pray for our Easter gathering.  Pray for our worship team as they lead.  Pray for me as I preach the gospel, specifically about how Easter changes the rules for us all.  And pray for our people as they've been challenged over the last week to invite at least 2 people to come to our Easter gathering.  Pray for the harvest because I believe God has been equipping us to receive it!

Thank you for your prayers and for all the ways you are involved in what God is doing here in Tacoma!

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