Monday, August 5, 2013

Update-- KiDCity Kick-off

What a whirl-wind the last several days have been.  I spent all of last week in Texas and Oklahoma.  I was in Texas for the "Send" conference put on by the North American Mission Board and it was an inspiring couple of days.  Churches are being planted all across our country and the gospel is impacting lives everywhere.

I got home late Friday night and was able to spend all day Saturday with Kelli, Jagen and Rylan.  It was so good to see their faces and spend a whole day with my beautiful family.  The longer I'm married and the older the kids get, the more miss them when I have to be gone.  After a day of catching up with the family it was time for KiDCity Kick-off.

We have been going through 1 Peter as a church and as I was preparing to preach through chapter 5 this past week vs. 7 really resonated with me.  Peter instructs the church by saying, "cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you."  I have a tendency to stress out leading up to a big outreach like this.  I want so badly for everything to go perfectly that I try to play the role of "Holy Spirit."  I focus so hard on making sure every detail is in order that I get in the way of what God really wants to do.  Not to mention I don't end up enjoying the process at all.  Well thankfully God had us in 1 Peter 5 this week and he reminded me to cast my anxieties on him.  To literally lay them at the foot of the cross.  As a result, Sunday was perfect.

We kicked things off with an outdoor worship gathering.  The whether was beautiful and so many people showed up early to get things set-up.  We sang praises to Jesus, taught the Scriptures and had a special prayer time for KiDCity Kick-off.  Then came the block party.  It was great to see so many people start to make their way to the party.  People came from all over.  Our folks invited friends, new faces, old faces, so man central Tacoma neighbors.  It was awesome to see the body of Christ come together to love our neighbor.  The Reptile Man came and did a show for us.  We got to see, touch and take pictures with lizards, turtles, snakes (including a cobra) and an alligator.  It was incredible.  To see the joy on the faces of parents and children, laughing together and feeling the love of God was an awesome thing.

Then today we got to pick up Humble Area First Baptist Church from the airport.  This is their first mission trip to Tacoma and it kicked-off with a bang.  They got off the plane, got some lunch, checked into the hotel and then got to work on night #1 of HayDay Kids Club.  Twenty-one adults who decided to reorient their lives around taking the gospel to Tacoma.  I am blown away.  The Kids Club was awesome!  The team was incredibly prepared and just loved on the kids the whole time.  We had over 30 kids including 4 sets of twins!  Many of the parents of some of the new children stayed and watched.  We got to meet people and be intentional as we stood by and watched our kids play, sing and learn.  What an awesome opportunity God has given us.

Thank you for praying.  Thank you so much for asking God to move in power!  He is working.  Please continue to pray as our mission team is out in the community this week.  Pray that even more kids and families would connect to our KiDCity Kick-off.  Pray for salvation to come to entire families!

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