Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Go Hawks!

This is a phrase that those of us in the Seattle area have become extremely familiar with.  Russell Wilson, the Seahawks star quarterback, utters this phrase after every interview he gives.  It has become his call sign.  It has become a slogan of unity in our city and our region.  Go Hawks is a phrase and the Seahawks are a team that has brought people together.

I don't know Russell Wilson personally (although Kyler Phillips had the opportunity to introduce me to him and she hung me out to dry!), but I do know he loves Jesus.  He has been unapologetic, along with several of his teammates, that winning the Super Bowl is a dream of his, but it's not the most important thing in his life.  Jesus is the most important thing in Russell Wilson's life and I believe making Jesus famous should be the motivation behind the Super Bowl plans of all believers.

Last week The Pathway hosted a watch party at The Spot for the NFC championship game (Go Hawks!).  It was amazing to see how this team brings people together.  We had well over 50 people, from all walks of life, crammed into one room to cheer on this team.  I have a friend named David.  David has only come to our Sunday gathering once and one Intentional Community gathering, but he is almost always willing to watch the Hawks with me.  David came to the game.  We got to talk, hang out, and he got to see what being a follower of Jesus is like.  Following Jesus is real life,  we just have a different purpose than most.  Following Jesus means having fun, watching football, spending time with friends and working hard.  But when we take ownership of the missionary call Jesus has given all of us, all those things have an underlying purpose... making the name of Jesus famous.

This week we'll gather for the Super Bowl.  I'm excited about the game.  I want the Hawks to win.  I want Russell Wilson to show the country he's more than a "game manager."  I want our watch party to be fun and have a great turn out.  But more than that, I want to have the opportunity to hang out with David.  I want him to get to be around the body of Christ, the people in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. I want to have the opportunity to share with him why we gather... for worship and for football.  I want to have the opportunity to share the gospel with him and invite him to be a Jesus-follower too.

Please pray for us as we have invited more lost people than I can count to watch the Super Bowl with us.  Please pray for relational connections, gospel opportunities and for the Holy Spirit to do something amazing.  I know Russell Wilson wants to win.  But if he could trade that victory for one lost soul finding hope in the risen Savior Jesus Christ... I don't think he would even hesitate.

Thank you for praying for our party.

I'd encourage you to go to one... or throw one of your own.

Go Hawks!

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