Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Exciting News!

No, Kelli's not pregnant!

Many of you know that we have been praying for God to bring a worship pastor to serve The Pathway.  Our current worship leader, Donna Christian, gave birth to a precious little boy not long ago.  Before she went on maternity leave, she told me she was willing to come back and serve in her current role, but she also said that she would love to step back if I could find someone else to step in.

Well, to put it simply, Donna is awesome!  I knew that I didn't want to just find anyone to take her place.  If we were going to fill that role with someone else, it needed to be a specific someone else.  I've shared in the past that we are heavy on female leadership (which I'm thankful for), but that means we are light on male leadership.  I've known for a while that the next staff hire I made would need to be a man.  I have also been convinced that the next hire needed to be a pastoral position.  I've been praying for someone who is gifted and called to be a pastor.

Well, Donna's maternity leave has just about come and gone.  She will be stepping back into her role on March 1st... but only for one month.  By the grace of God and in ways that only he could orchestrate, we have a worship pastor joining our team beginning in April!  Adam, Khylee and Eli Forgety will be moving their lives from our home church in Ada, OK to serve with us in Tacoma.  Adam has been the worship pastor at Trinity Baptist in Ada for about 6 years.  He and Khylee have come to Tacoma multiple times on short term mission trips.  We've seen them in our context, we've seen their heart for our city and we are confident that God has called them to serve with us.

Of course this means a huge step of faith.  Adam and Khylee just adopted their precious new born son.  They are going to be moving 2000 miles away from their family and friends.  They are going to be transitioning from a two income family to raising support.  In short, God is the only one who can make this happen.  But, I believe with all my heart he wants all of us to play a role.  First and foremost I'd ask that you all be praying for the Forgety's as they make this transition.  Please also pray for Trinity as they seek to fill the void that will be left.  I cannot say enough about the Kingdom mindset of Trinity Baptist church.  They have sent out so many people to the great state of Washington that I'm beginning to lose count.  I thank God for that church.

Second, if you would be willing to help support Adam, Khylee and Eli financially for the next 18 months, please email me directly at Bobby@thepathwaytacoma.com.  Whether you can contribute $20/month, $100/month, or $250/month, or any other amount, every cent will go to make it possible for this family to serve The Pathway and the people of Tacoma without having to worry about how they will pay the rent and buy groceries.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Praise Jesus for answering our prayers for a worship pastor!

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