Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big things coming...

This is not going to be a very long post.  I simply want to ask you to be praying.  Be praying for something BIG to happen in Tacoma.

I think every mission driven pastor and church planter is always expecting God to do something BIG.  We are constantly crying out to Jesus and for the most part honestly anticipating the next great awakening to break out in our city.  It has been beyond incredible to experience, over the last 5 years, a church being born.  To literally walk into a city with 4 adults and see a church born is incredible.  And over the course of the last several weeks Kelli and I have met with many of our partners and shared story after story of life change right alongside countless stories of heart break.  It has been a worshipful experience to reflect and recount all that God has done.

But time and again and I come back to the reality that while God has done amazing things, and most importantly his glory has been reflected in our lives and in our church, the growth that we have seen has been incremental.  It has been small spurts of growth both spiritually and numerically.

Don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't trade that growth for anything in the world.  But I still believe God is for us.  He's for our church.  He's for our world.  And he is for the city of Tacoma.  I believe he wants life change way more than I do.  I believe he wants the gospel to take root in our city with a greater passion than I'll ever be able to fully comprehend.  I believe he wants spiritual awakening and revival to break out.  And I still believe he can do that in the city of Tacoma.

So as we approach the season celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, I want you to pray a specific prayer if you feel so led.  Please pray that God would use The Pathway and other Jesus loving churches to see the gospel take root and bring explosive spiritual and numerical growth for the kingdom of God in the city of Tacoma. 

We know we serve a resurrection God because our lives have been changed by a resurrected Savior.  Please join me in praying for spiritual resurrection in our city in a BIG way!  And while you're at it... I'd encourage you to pray the same prayer for your community... for your city.

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