Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jesus. Tacoma. Amazing!

It has been a crazy week to say the very least. Jesus came through, as he always does, and provided me the perfect job to fit my schedule and provide for our needs. I'm the newest barista at our local Zoka Coffee shop. Never thought I would be doing this but I love it so far and it's a great way to meet people!

Well-- after a long week of training we headed to Tacoma for our first full day of ministry there. Kelli wasn't able to come because she is the most selfless and hard working woman I've ever met. Her full-time job kept her away but she was praying for us and we were all wishing she was with us! The crew this week included myself, Becca Hurst, another member of our team Becca Eisenberg, and our 4 interns, Jason, Shannon, Amanda and Zack.

God blew our minds once again. After an amazing morning of serving at the Tacoma Rescue Mission-- we hit the streets taking surveys of business managers and owners about how our church could be on their side. God opened so many doors! Not enough time to share all the stories here but 2 of our people were able to share Jesus with two homosexual girls who were open spiritually but have never felt comfortable attending a church. I had the opportunity to make a contact with a local bank who is interested in partnering with us to teach lower income individuals about financial management. I also had a 45 minute conversation with a homeless man that was a believer. It was an amazing time of learning and insight and he prayed over me and then allowed me to pray over him.

Next we headed to Wright Park, a place where we will be spending every Friday evening this summer and we are praying to be able to begin a Bible study there very soon. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and just invited people at the park to eat with us. We met so many people and one guy, Jesse, that one of our girls met during surveys even showed up to eat with us! We had at least 4 people express a serious interest in studying God's word and were able to plant seeds in many lives.

In a word, our day was AMAZING! Thank you for your prayers and please know that every Friday for the next 2 months we will be in Tacoma laying the foundation for The Pathway! This is God's church and we believe he wants to grow it for his glory. We're excited to continue to share with you all what God is doing!


  1. I must say i feel pretty left out.. im not in the picture :( boo hoo
    ;) ha

  2. good for you, bobby. sounds like things are working well for you. we're happy for you and kelli. of course, we're still not gonna let you move. pam and steve