Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rough Life...

This past weekend me and Kelli were invited by her boss at Si View to go sailing on the Puget Sound. A chance to sail and hang out with 8 or 9 people who don't know Jesus... who would pass that opportunity up. Please pray for the people we got to spend the day with as it became apparent very quickly that they have no idea what this life is all about! It was a day of starting some new friendships though and we trust God will use it. The picture to the right is of me and Kelli on the front of the boat, enjoying a beautiful day, with gorgeous Mt. Rainer in the background (even thought the pic is too small to see it). We are truly blessed!

Also, God seems to be stirring in the hearts and lives of people regarding church planting and specifically The Pathway. Please continue to pray for the people who are considering moving to the Northwest and planting their lives in Tacoma. God seems to be connecting us with a lot of missional people who also have a passion for Africa... not sure why... but I trust God knows what he's doing. Thanks for caring and we'll post more later!

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