Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our first week indoors...

Our first week to meet indoors was incredible! We had 5 adults, 1 student and 3 children plus our team. God is truly and genuinely working and I'm blown away almost daily!

Let me tell you about Crystal. A little over a week ago we had small team here from the Frio River Baptist Association in south Texas. They just wanted to come and see what God was doing and how their individual churches and association as a whole would be able to partner with us. Well, on their last day here we all went out to IHOP for breakfast near the airport. Our waitress, Crystal, after taking our orders asked what we were all together for (I guess we didn't look like we fit together). I told her that one half of the table was a part of a new church being started in Tacoma and the other half was a part of a couple other churches in Texas that are helping us. She said okay and walked a way.

A couple of minutes later she came back and asked if our church offers anything on a day other than Sundays (because she works)? I said, "actually, our only Bible study right now is on Friday nights." She walked away again and then a few minutes later came back in tears saying that her sister had been killed in a car accident in July and she had taken custody of her 3 year old daughter (along with 2 children of her own). Crystal told us that the 3 year old had been asking questions about why her mommy hadn't come back and she just didn't know how to answer. She shared with us that being fairly young (mid-twenties) she hadn't thought too much about death and what comes next and definitely didn't know how to explain it to a 3 year old.

Well-- this story could go forever but she ended up coming to our Bible study this past Friday and brought her 3 kids. The team that was with us at IHOP had brought with them a bunch of children's ministry supplies gathered by their church which allowed Crystal's kids to have a blast in another room while we walked through the word with her.

I don't believe Crystal is a believer... yet. But I am certain that she sees God in all this and that she is running to us because she sees the hope that we have! Please pray for Crystal as she digs into her faith and pray specifically that she would give her life to Jesus! We're praying that she comes back this week and that God continues to spark change in the lives of people!

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