Monday, November 23, 2009

New Additions!

Sorry for the delay in posting but hopefully this time it is excusable. Kelli gave birth to our first 2 babies Sunday November 15th... Rylan Cate and Jagen Pate Higginbotham. They are beautiful but very early so they are still in the New Born Intensive Care Unit. They are actually ready to be upgraded to the Intermediate Care Nursery as soon as there is room for them.

God is continuing to bless The Pathway and the Kingdom work he has called all of us to do. We have genuinely been seeing life change the past month and we are praying for more. We're praying for genuine and uncontrollable spiritual awakening! This past week I was reminded of how blessed we are with the team God has put in place for us. As we were dealing with the joy and worries of having two new babies in Intensive Care, we did not have to worry at all about our Friday night gathering. Tommy took the helm, leading us through the next piece of John chapter 1 that we were covering, Becca H pulled off all the logistics again and Becca E was ready for the new child that came this week.

We had 22 for Bible study and many more for dinner. We're praying hard and will be having an important meeting this Tuesday regarding the next step for The Pathway so please pray for clear direction for all of us. God is good and his Kingdom is growing. Thank you for your part in it!

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