Friday, December 4, 2009

The Crazy Life

Sorry for such a gap in posts. As most of you know our world was flipped upside down by the early arrival of our twins! Jagen and Rylan came 2 months early on November 15th and are unbelievably beautiful. They are still in the hospital but are doing quite well. Your continued prayers are appreciated and please join us in praying that they will be home for Christmas!

Last week was probably the most difficult gathering for The Pathway to date. We've really been seeing God work in some lives in some personal and often painful ways. I believe Satan recognizes that God wants to use The Pathway to have a huge impact in the city of Tacoma and so he is taking this opportunity, while we are still in our infancy as a church, to attack. One of our most promising attenders has really been battling the lies of Satan in his life over the past several weeks and last Friday he busted into our Bible study late and brought a group of his friends who obviously did not want to be there. Things got pretty rowdy for a while... and frustrating... but then calmed back down and God continued to speak through his Word and continued to work in the lives of those he is drawing to himself!

Please join us in praying for tonight's gathering. Pray that Jesus would be victorious in the spiritual battle that is being raged and that tonight we would have numerous people surrender their lives to Jesus! Also pray for direction as we are outgrowing our current space but can't really afford to rent the bigger area at the Methodist Church. We are praying about dividing into two smaller groups that meet on separate nights. I think this would be a great thing but I want the entire leadership team to be on the same page.

God has been clearly showing us which doors to walk through and which doors to walk away from so I trust that he will do the same here. Thanks for following our journey to The Pathway and I hope you know that we give all the glory to Jesus for everything that is happening!

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