Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm just sitting in my chair, next to my newly chopped down and not yet decorated Christmas tree, praying and thinking about what God has done and praying and wandering what he wants to do next.

I mean honestly-- over the past 6 months God has allowed us to enter a brand new city, minister and meet the physical needs of people in our city, start a Bible study around some picnic tables under some trees at a city park, and transition that Bible study for the winter into a Methodist Church that is allowing us to use their facilities for $25/week!

Oh yeah, not to mention that my wife gave birth to our two beautiful twin babies, Jagen and Rylan, 2 months early, the babies are healthy and doing well (although still in the hospital), God provided us a beautiful home to rent that we moved into the week before the babies were born, and that new home is less than a mile from the hospital where Jagen and Rylan are staying.

And in case it was some how overlooked, God is allowing us to be a part of lives being changed. Only a month or so ago we saw the first salvation, a student named Brian, in the life of our young church. Last Friday night God answered our cries for him to battle Satan's attacks against our Bible study. Not only did he protect us from the attacks of Satan, he brought another person into his Kingdom family. Antwan, the first guy I remember meeting at Wright Park in the beginning of the summer, finally gave his life to Jesus!

That simply begs the question... I wander what he is about to do.

Our small study has grown to about 20-25 people per week and more than that if everyone showed up at the same time (which they never will)! Our leadership is praying through some big decisions that will require some steps of faith, much more time commitment on all of our parts, and as always it will require the Lord to continue to draw people to himself.

Throughout this entire journey to The Pathway God has been so generous to make obvious the doors he is opening and closing. We have had very little confusion about what direction God wants us to head. He is so faithful and we give him all the glory for what has been done and what he will continue to do. Continue to pray for our Friday night gathering. Please continue to pray for salvation but also for spiritual understanding. There is so much spiritual clutter in the minds of most of the people we serve, we need the Holy Spirit to wipe all that they think they know away and deposit the truth of the Bible in their minds.

Then we will see AWAKENING!

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