Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Full, Productive, Up & Down Week...

It's now Monday night and I am just now sitting down to reflect on the week that has already come and gone. It started out with a night of brainstorming with our leadership team about the church, the summer, direction, vision, passion and calling. It was an exciting night that brought to light a desire to have more intimate and biblical community within our leadership team as we take the gospel to Tacoma.

Thursday night was our first "Family Night" at Tyler Square. Thanks to all who prayed-- God was faithful! We had 12 people attend from The Pathway and had over 30 people attend "Family Night" from the Tyler Square Community. It was a great first step into this new relationship with Tyler Square and we were able to meet a whole lot of people. As I began to make new friends I realized their were a whole bunch of mom's and kids but no Dad's. I asked the Tyler Square Youth Services Director about my observation and he said it was not surprising. Out of 27 families living in the Tyler Square Community there are 4 dads... that's right 4. How sad a reality that is but I am so thankful that we have a chance to bring in some Christian men to love on these families. As I sat speaking with one of the moms God gave me the opportunity to share truth with her about the gospel, the Bible, Jesus and her need for a personal relationship with the Lord. Please continue to pray for the people in that community.

Friday night brought another difficult but God honoring Bible study. As the weeks have pressed on our gathering has become decidedly younger. The loud exuberance of the youth has seemed to drive away many of the adults who were previously attending. This Friday night was filled with distractions and I am honestly struggling with knowing how to handle them. The 3rd weekend of this month we will officially be dividing up into two groups so that youth can gather... loud and obnoxiously on Fridays and the adults can gather on Sundays. Please pray for this transition.

Finally, pray for what God has in store for the people of Tacoma this Easter. We are planning something BIG, unique and challenging for our small church so pray that the pieces fall into place, God gets the glory and people join the Kingdom.

Tomorrow is a new day so lets begin investing in the Kingdom!!!

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  1. Prayed for y'all Thursday night- glad to hear there were lots of people and lots of new opportunities! Continuing to pray for strength and endurance for y'all.