Monday, February 8, 2010


One of the main goals of our church is multiplication. We get excited when a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ and when someone gives their life back to the Lord, but we get even more excited when we see those people begin sharing their faith with others. Once those people begin to respond we've left the realm of simple addition and entered the world of spiritual multiplication!

Friday night was powerful and encouraging because we saw signs that multiplication can and will happen at The Pathway. Antwon has become a fixture in this blog because of the drastic transformation God has brought in his life and that continues to be the case. I get together with Antwon at least once a week and every time he tells me of someone else he has shared his faith with or invited to our Bible study. This week he told me about his friend Nate who he ran into at the park. Nate is 18 years old and searching for the role God wants to play in his life. He is not yet a believer but he came with Antwon to Bible study on Friday and the three of us are going to be getting together to talk about Jesus this afternoon. I'm praying for and expecting Nate to put his faith in Jesus!

Josh is one of the newest people at our Bible study and he is getting excited about telling others about Jesus. Josh moved to Tacoma from Ohio and has only been in town for a few months. He's been attending The Pathway for about a month and this past week he brought a friend who doesn't know the Lord. It's just amazing to see and I know once these first few begin placing their faith in Jesus, the flood gates will open and spiritual awakening will break out.

Finally, in a little less than 2 weeks we will multiply our Bible study group for the first time. We usually have about 20-25 on Friday nights and we are gaining more students all the time. With that in mind we began praying about what direction God wanted us to go. We felt him calling us to multiply so that's what we are doing. Beginning February 19th Fridays will be a student Bible study and on February 21st we will begin an all adult Bible study. This will shrink our groups back down and we will work to grow them up so we can multiply again.

God is so good and he teaches me so much all the time. We came off a span of about 3 weeks where I was really questioning what God was doing. Friday's were becoming very chaotic and I was wandering if spiritual growth would ever actually occur. It seems that God has been working though and he has taught me the importance of prayer and spiritual warfare. If we're not battling, through prayer daily, then Satan will bring confusion on Friday nights and in the lives of those we are ministering to. However, if we battle, through the power of Jesus, the confusion disappears and the name of Jesus is lifted high.

Please pray for Nate this week. Pray for his salvation. Pray also that I will receive a phone call today from the director of the YMCA allowing us to use their facility on Easter. Pray that we will live intentionally and see Jesus take over our city!

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