Monday, August 30, 2010

God is definitely up to something...

I didn't have a specific topic in mind for this weeks post. Because I'm not usually one who struggles with what to say I decided to sit back and think a little about what God has been doing. It's been a lot. We've had our fair share of pains and struggles over the past several months but there has been no shortage of joys and it is obvious that God is moving. Let me give you 5 ways that I see God moving in Tacoma. Hopefully it will encourage your heart but even more than that I pray that it will give you some specific ways to pray...

1) Tommy is on our leadership team. He's 21, bold and working on a landscaping crew. His mission as a landscaper overlaps with his mission as a Christ-follower. He wants to see Jesus infiltrate his crew. Over the course of the last several months he's learned that all but one of his crew claim to be Christians but none of them go to church. He asked his boss if they could begin a Community Group before work on Friday mornings to pray, hang-out and talk about God's word. Guess what? His boss said yes! God is moving.

2) We discussed our purpose as a church last night at our Community Group. One of the guys, in his 60's, living in a shared housing for registered sex-offenders said that he is realizing his purpose but he's scared to take action. He made breakfast for the guys in his house yesterday and he said everything inside him told him to share the gospel with them. He didn't. Missed opportunity? Yes. Failure? No. He wants to share the gospel with these men. Men most people won't even look at. God is moving.

3) I had the opportunity to take the 5 members of our Leadership Team to a Catalyst Leadership Conference on Thursday in Seattle. One of our mantras as a church is always take someone with you so of course I told everyone to feel free to invite someone. We took 10 people to this all day Leadership Conference and it was incredible. I sat with Vinny at lunch who I have never had a full conversation with. He is a member of on of Tommy's Community Groups. Vinny told me that he was saved when he was a kid but at 18 he started running. He's now 28 and ready to come back to Christ! He told me that he knows people on the streets and believes God can use him to reach people that I could never reach! He wants to start a Community Group at his apartment. God is moving.

4) I shared a few posts ago that we are going to begin monthly worship services. Well, God showed us he wants more than that. We are now going to have our first worship service the last Sunday of September and then we'll be having worship services the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of every month at least through the end of the year. God is moving.

5) We haven't seen anyone saved recently but we are praying & believing that God is moving. Will you join me this week in praying for salvation & life change?

God is moving.

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