Monday, January 10, 2011

Could this be Biblical Community?

We have a Community Group that meets in our home every other Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Ever since we sent two of our Leadership Team members out to start a new Community Group on Mondays our Community Group has struggled to find its identity. We've had as many as 7 or 8 people and we've had a few times where it was just Kelli and me. However, it's no surprise that God has been at work. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday a couple people in our church were outside playing in the snow and they met a man and his 4 year old twin daughters. I drove up shortly after and was able to give them a ride to Safeway. Gene and his daughters Geanette and Geanella have become friends and Gene has a great deal of difficulty facing he and his family right now. He struggles, but he is seeking Jesus and has been becoming a part of The Pathway.

I have a teenager, Andres, that I mentor through the Tacoma Rescue Mission. He and his family have since moved out on their own but God has given me and Kelli great favor with Andres' mom. We have stayed connected with them and over the last month God has been breaking Monica. She has been coming to our Community Group, opened herself up to accountability with Kelli and is using her position with the Metropolitan Development Council to help us serve and share Jesus with a local apartment community.

Last night we sat at our house not just for Bible study, but experiencing genuine biblical community. None of the 4 adults in the room look alike. None of us have a lot in common. However, the common ground we share is a recognition that apart from Christ we have no hope. We laughed, we prayed, we talked about our role as "witness" from Acts 1 and we worked together to figure out how to reach our community for Jesus. It wasn't perfect but it was community. I needed that. We need that. God is up to something in 2011. Please don't stop praying for The Pathway.

Also-- a quick shout out to our best friends Matt & Erin Dugan back in Ft. Worth. Of all the people we have met in Tacoma we still don't have any friends our age, our situation in life (married with young kids) who are also passionately in love with Jesus. I never realized how vital that is until I lost it. Matt and Erin love us and pray for us and they asked us if we wanted to start hanging out once a month to play games. You ask, how do they do that from Ft. Worth? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of skype. This past Saturday night we played games over skype, we laughed, we showed them around our house... it was so fun! We needed it. Technology can be such a blessing when we use it for Jesus. Thanks Dugan's!

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  1. I love that y'all had a game night with the Dugans over Skype- how fun! Praying for you guys.