Monday, February 28, 2011

Living intentionally takes time...

Anyone who has ever read something I've written or talked to me knows that I'm a firm believer in intentional living. I believe everything we do as followers of Jesus should have a purpose behind it... that purpose is to give God glory and to spark an opportunity to be able to verbally share his love and grace with other people. The great thing about living intentionally is that there are no rules that come with it. You just bring that purpose to whatever you do with your daily life.

If your a mom, you intentionally spend time with other moms. If you're a college student, you intentionally sit next to someone you don't know in class. If you're a high school student, you intentionally sit with people at lunch who do not go to your church. If you're a business professional, you intentionally spend time with your employees and co-workers outside the office and during lunch so you get to share life with each other. If you're unemployed, you intentionally work on resumes and contacting potential employers while using the free Wifi at Starbucks instead of at home alone. When you live this way, the pressure is off because you just look for who God brings across your path and you start to get to know them. You may share the gospel the first time you interact... it may take longer... but if you live intentionally, God will respond.

This last week I was encouraged in an area of intentionality that has been somewhat discouraging for me. For most of the time that I've lived in Tacoma I've played basketball on Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons for two reasons: First, I love to play basketball and it's a fun way to stay in shape. Second, I knew it would be a great way to get to know guys in my city and hang out with them over and over again... week in and week out. Well, there are a variety of ways God has used this to open some doors but for the most part I haven't seen the "results" I've been looking for. However, this past Thursday I went to work on some stuff at a coffee shop in town called The Mandolin. When I walked in I saw Chris, a guy I've been playing ball with for a year. We got to chatting and I found out that he used to go to church and hasn't in a while because he bar tends at a hotel down town on Saturday nights and simply doesn't want to get up Sunday mornings. I was able to invite him to our worship service... Sunday's at 4pm. We'll see what comes of that, but I was encouraged to know that God is faithful and he is working behind the scenes in ways we see as well as ways we don't see. My prayer is not just that Chris would come to worship, but that I would continue to get to know him and take the opportunity to share the gospel with him. Then he will crave going to a worship service! Keep living intentionally and sharing Jesus every chance you get. Be bold. God will respond.

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