Monday, February 21, 2011


Most of you who have been following the Higginbotham's and The Pathway for any amount of time know about Tiffany. Tiff came to live and be a part of our family about a year ago now. She left us in December after multiple times of intentionally deceiving our family and refusing to stop. Several months before she left us we found out she was pregnant. It was a very emotional ride because we were so excited about the new life but so sad about how it came about and the reality that this child would not know her father.

A couple weeks ago Tiff called my cell phone just to check on us... interesting. Then we found out she attended one of our churches Community Groups with Becca (who had also become like family to Tiff). She then spent an entire afternoon at the house with Kelli. We didn't really know what to think. Our hearts are very guarded after being hurt by Tiff so badly but we also love her so much and want her to know the love of Jesus.

The baby was due on Valentine's day but Tiff's water finally broke this Saturday night. She had told us that she wanted us there when the baby was born but things were still very awkward and it is just so hard to know how to love her. Kelli visited her in the hospital immediately and I went up to see her on Sunday with the kids. When it became apparent that the baby was coming on Sunday night Kelli went back up to just "be there." Kelli texted me about 1:00am that Tiff had asked her Grandma and Becca to be with her in the room during the birth. Kelli was in the waiting room... hurt but also supportive and full of grace... the way Kelli always is for those of you who know her personally.

My heart broke for Kelli because I know how hard it is to have someone you love continually push you away. I rolled over in bed and prayed. I said, "God, I love you no matter what. Even though I don't understand why this is happening and why we have to keep getting hurt, I love you. But Lord, please give Kelli something by your grace. Please give her something to be encouraged by."

A couple minutes later Becca called me and told me that Tiff had asked for Kelli to be with her during the birth of her daughter. I was near tears as I lay in bed. I told God that I honestly did not believe he would do that. I thanked him so much for his grace and at 2:00am Pacific time, Payton Marie Clifton was born into this world. She is beautiful. She is healthy. She has a lot working against her already in life. But the grace of God is working for her and I believe that grace is sufficient.

Please pray that Tiffany would surrender her life to Jesus. Pray that Kelli and I would continue to be granted wisdom to know how to love her and pray that Payton would grow to love Jesus as well.

Thank you all.

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