Monday, January 11, 2010

Friday Update

This past Friday was one of great faith! Thank you to those who joined in praying that my faith would be increased and that God would bring 10 people to salvation. I can honestly say we had a phenomenal night and my faith was stretched to a point where it had not been before. Praise Jesus for that and thank you for your prayers to that end.

We were going through the end of John chapter 2 and looking at Jesus' passion for his Father as demonstrated by his cleansing of the Temple. We had a great time of study and discussion about the peoples reaction to Jesus. The Bible says that after he performed many signs at the Passover there were many who believed but that "Jesus, on his part, was not entrusting Himself to them..." (John 2:24). This passage stumped me at first but as I studied and prepared I realized that Jesus does not accept purely emotional and intellectual professions of faith. Although many salvation's begin there, they cannot end there. If they do, they will most likely be a part of the sad group of people in Matthew 7 who hear the Lord proclaim, "I never knew you." We must have faith that stretches across our emotions and intellect and deeply invades our hearts.

After Bible study we had a great response time where several people met with our leadership team for counsel and prayer. I know of one guy in particular that expressed his need for salvation but was not ready to take that step of faith yet. Pray for Tommy this week as he follows up with him.

Why did God choose not to bring 10 people to salvation last Friday? I honestly don't know. But I do know he could have. I also know my faith was increased a great deal just by walking through the week leading up to our Friday gathering. As I contemplate God's power, love and goodness I'm reminded of one of my favorite Old Testament stories about three men full of faith: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3). Even in the midst of certain death they believed, truly believed God would save them. However, they proclaimed to the King that even if God did not save them physically, they would not bow down and worship anyone or anything else!

That is the kind of faith I pray will be found at The Pathway. God did not save 10 this week but he moved mightily and I am certain we will be reporting hundreds of salvation's soon! Please continue to pray for the people of Tacoma and the work of Jesus through The Pathway.

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